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spring daisies in the grass

April 18, 2014

I snapped this picture as I was hustling home today after an early morning Pilates session. I forced myself to stop and take multiple shots. To slow down just for a breath and, well, breathe. To try to not think, think, think all the time.

daisies for the blog

For those of you celebrating this weekend – Easter, Passover or simply Spring – please take a moment to notice the pretty daisies in your lawn or park. And then send me all your leftover chocolate … well, anything over 60% cocoa.

Please and thank you!

Stella Cherry Tree Blossom at 7:30 a.m.

April 15, 2014

Stella Cherry Tree Blossom at 7:30 a.m.

#FictionFriday #11 – deals, new releases, and freebies

April 4, 2014

Note: Every Friday I’m going to (attempt to) list any great looking books or deals I’ve come across earlier in the week. Often, I won’t have read these books myself yet – seeing as I’m supposed to be writing one (!!) – but these are deals or books I thought looked good enough to share. All links – for ease of linking – are to but most, if not all, of these books are available on all platforms including paperback. Hint, if you are in Canada or the UK (etc) and want to buy just change the .com in your browser to .ca (etc).

Some nonfiction for the blog this week: Three Kitties That Saved My Life ebook coverAuthor Michael Meyer has his nonfiction book, The Three Kitties That Saved My Life available today through Monday for $0.99. This heart-wrenching and heart-felt tale has 4.6 stars out of 46 reviews.

Horror Stories From a Computer Tech

Another nonfiction offering, Horror Stories From A Computer Tech is only $0.99 and the audio book has recently been released (if you prefer to listen rather than read).

The Other Number 10

Jo Jacobs has a NEW RELEASE this week with her new book, The Other Number 10 (the Sadie Series) and the early reviews are glowing. Interested in a steamy tale os sex, drugs and saucy secrets? Who isn’t??!! LOL

Oxygen ebook cover

Randy Ingermanson’s science fiction suspense novel, Oxygen, is currently on special for $0.99 on all the major retailers. Interestingly, the novel is actually set mostly in 2014, and a key scene is datelined April 4, 2014, which is today! The author wrote the book back in 2001, and says it feels surreal to watch his futuristic novel turn into historical fiction. Cool, huh? So are the reviews – 4.5 star average over 110!!

Big Lake ebook cover

Nick Russell’s Big Lake is $0.99 today as well. this crime thriller has over 201 customer reviews on Amazon!!

Moon Struck ebook cover

Last, but not least, Jeanette Raleigh is currently offering her novel Moon Stuck
for FREE. It is the first book in the When Were and How! series.

Flash Giveaway – 3 paperbacks in 24 hours

April 3, 2014


CONGRATS to MOLLY SNOW, HEATHER L. & CATHERINE T. – the paperbacks are on their way!! Thanks for playing.

Ok! I’m feeling like doing something exciting today! So here it is – yes, I’m a wild one – LOL.


Win a signed paperback of Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic in the next 24 hours by doing one (or all) of the following (see below). I will assign numbers to each entry as they come in and pick three winners via a random number generator tomorrow at 9:05 am PDT.

Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY from Thursday, April 3rd, 9 am PDT to Friday, April 4th, 9 am PDT.

Already have Cupcakes (Etc) in paperback? You can still enter, and if the generator picks you to win request any of my ebooks instead.


1. commenting on this blog post. Bonus entry for signing up to my mailing list (or reminding me you are already on it because you rock!)

2. Following me on twitter and tweeting this (or something like it): flash giveaway – win a signed paperback of Cupcakes (Etc) the 1st book in the urban fantasy Dowser Series by @mcdoidge

2. Liking me on Facebook and sharing the giveaway (if you are so inclined). Or even easier, like me on Facebook and comment on the giveaway post I’m about to put up there.

I’ll give away one paperback via the blog, one via twitter, and one via Facebook.





Fiction Friday #10 – new releases, deals, and freebies

March 28, 2014

Note: Every Friday I’m going to (attempt to) list any great looking books or deals I’ve come across earlier in the week. Often, I won’t have read these books myself yet – seeing as I’m supposed to be writing one (!!) – but these are deals or books I thought looked good enough to share. All links – for ease of linking – are to but most, if not all, of these books are available on all platforms including paperback. Hint, if you are in Canada or the UK (etc) and want to buy just change the .com in your browser to .ca (etc).

La'aryylia ebook cover

Scott Fitzgerald Gray, aka the editor extraordinaire of ALL my books, just RELEASED the sequel to his young adult SCI-FI, Sidnye, Queen of the Universe. The second book is called La’aryylia. I’ve already read book one and loved it. Yes, I need to do a stand alone blog post about it. And I’ve also already snatched up the sequel, but not sat down to read it yet :(

Harpy's Wild ebook cover


More SCI-FI – John Dalton just RELEASED a stand alone prequel to his Galactic Mage Series, Ilbei Spadebreaker and the Harpy’s Wild.

Chosen To Die ebook cover

And more SCI-FI!! Saxon Andrew has also just RELEASED the seventh book in his Sci-Fi Lens of Time Series, Chosen To Die. As a thank you to his readers, Saxon has lowered the price of this newest book to $2.99 until Saturday when it will revert to $4.99.

Dying To Forget ebook cover

Trish Marie Dawson is offering Dying To Forget, the first book in her The Station series, for FREE right now. 4.5 stars out of 282 reviews = WOW! NICE!

End of The Road

How about a collection of short stories for FREE? It might be a good way to find some new writers!! End of the Road is a collection of 31 stories by some of the most talented indie authors around.

That’s it for this week! I’ve got some reading to do!!

New ink, new notebook, new series.

March 27, 2014

I sent Dowser 3 off to the editor yesterday – YAY! I then immediately found myself writing the opening of Dowser 4, which is always cool, as I wasn’t a 100% sure what number 4 was going to be about (other than the broad strokes laid out in book 3).

So, yes, I’m still working on Dowser 4 today – because the muse will have her way – but I’m also celebrating beginning the first draft of an urban fantasy mystery series, The Reconstructionist. This, of course, is not a straight up mystery series, just like the Dowser Series crosses genres, but I’ve never tackled mystery construction before, so I’m a little nervous about it.

Yesterday I grabbed a new notebook out of my stash upstairs – I went with traditional black, because it suits the main character – but then I started fretting about the ink. I felt like I needed a new ink before I could start, something blue, but I really didn’t want to run all the way downtown (read: ten minutes) and fiddle with parking (there are usually spots a block over) in the rain (I own a rather large, pink paisley umbrella) to get to the Vancouver Pen Shop. Plus, I don’t really trust myself in there alone. So, before I did anything hasty, I double checked the blue/black I knew I had just in case it wasn’t as dark as I remembered. And, low and behold, I’d forgotten that Michael bought me a royal blue for Christmas – yay!

This morning I cracked the seal on the ink, traded the green (read: jade) ink out of my pen for the blue, brewed myself some Chocolate Rocket, and sat down to start writing a new series and a new lead character (hint: you meet her in Dowser 3).


new ink, a new notebook, and a new series – getting ready for the first draft of The Reconstructionist

I think I may also need to change my nail polish. I’m currently wearing Opi’s Jade is the New Black. Do you think they make a colour called Wisteria?

Also, cookies. Cookies always smooth the transition into a new book. I’m thinking Cowboy Cookies (aka coconut oatmeal chocolate chip).

Writer Wednesday – D.B. McNicol

March 26, 2014

Let’s welcome author D.B. McNicol to Writer Wednesday on the blog!! Donna has another “mom” recipe to share with us – YAY! – along with her book, Not A Whisper. I’m thinking I just might be in the mood for a romantic suspense novel. What about you?

Made by D.B. McNicol

This is a recipe from childhood, something my mother concocted. My brothers and I loved it and we have all passed it on to our kids who grew up loving it as well. She called it “Goulash” but it’s not the dish that typically comes to mind. Quick, simple, tasty! – Donna

My Mother’s Goulash

DBMcNicol-goulash1 pound ground beef

2 small or 1 large can of Italian Stewed Tomatoes

Optional: make yours from scratch for less sodium

1 cup pasta

1 small onion or dehydrated onion


Add pasta to pan of boiling water. Boil for two minutes. Stir, cover and set aside to cook.

Brown the ground beef mixing in the chopped onion or sprinkling with the dehydrated onion.

When beef is browned, drain off grease and add the stewed tomatoes. You can drain the liquid but I use it all since there are usually leftovers and this keeps them moist. Chop the tomatoes smaller.

Drain the pasta when done, add to the beef and tomatoes. Stir and simmer for 5 or so minutes.

Serve and top with grated cheese and/or Mrs. Dash Original.

Approximately 6 servings

NOTE: my mother always used sea shells, I often mix types of pasta and here in Ecuador we currently use vegetable pasta. When we heat the leftovers we add a dab of butter … almost better the second time around. – Donna


Not A Whisper

Not A Whisper - cover

Synopsis:  When Cherie Marshall catches her fiancé and best friend in a compromising position, she cancels her upcoming wedding and jumps at the chance to escape to quiet Klondike, Pennsylvania to care for her elderly aunt. She thought her biggest issue would be adapting to life in the middle of a National Forest, so very different from her upbringing in the deserts of Arizona. But that was before she met State Trooper Fire Marshall Jamison “Jazz” Maddox at the scene of a mysterious fire. As they both become acquainted with the close-knit Klondike residents, things get complicated as Cherie and Jazz find themselves in the middle of a local crime wave where arson, kidnapping, embezzlement and a decades old murder are just the tip of the iceberg.

Early reader comments:

“What a great read. I didn’t see the end coming. Can’t wait until the next book is out. Fast paced, twists and turns and a little romance thrown in. WTG!!”

“Fantastic Donna! Best book I’ve read in a long time. Excited to hear more about these characters.”

“I’m about half way through and loving it. Very hard to put down, a great read!”



Donna B. McNicol retired after 30+ years working in the IT industry. She spent many of those years writing technical documents and user instructions. In 1996 she began moonlighting in freelance writing; she spent the next ten years writing for such online sites as The Mining Company, Suite101, BellaOnline and

A year into widowhood, she decided to ride the 48 continental US states on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle, solo. Over five months and several trips she managed to ride through 42 states, covering over 27,000 miles. In 2007 she started full-time RVing, traveling the USA. In 2008 she met her husband and they married in 2009.

In 2012, while traveling the country in their 41’ fifth wheel trailer (with room for their two motorcycles), she decided to give fiction writing a try. Her first book, “Home Again” was published in 2012, quickly followed by “Barely a Spark” and “Not a Whisper” in 2013. She has also written several short stories and flash fiction compilations as well as a children’s picture book.

She and her husband currently reside in Cuenca, Ecuador where she continues her writing.

 Be sure get your free copy of the Klondike Kompanion and read the “Meet the Characters” interviews from the author’s website.

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