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A jet stream … and a turtle?

February 8, 2016

A jet stream over the ferry and through an orange sunset


Apparently, this evening was the perfect time to carry a log around on your back. Well, if you are a Yellow-Bellied Slider …

Dowser Series: Goodreads Audiobook Giveaway

February 8, 2016

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic

by Meghan Ciana Doidge

Giveaway ends February 19, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

Via the publisher. 5 copies up for grabs. Open in the USA only.

Dowser Series: Audiobook Giveaway

February 5, 2016


This box of goodies from Tantor Media was waiting in my mailbox this afternoon:

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Yep! That is the Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic (Dowser 1) audiobook on … wait for it … ACTUAL CD. SIX CDs to be exact. Weird, huh?

Michael is currently scrambling around trying to figure out what we own that can play CDs. He’s currently attempting to boot up an old laptop. But not being able to play them myself isn’t going to stop me from giving one away!

Do you want to win a set of Dowser 1 audiobook CDs? I’ll even pull out the front sleeve and autograph it for you if you like.  :D

To enter all you need to do is comment below and let me know:

  1. If you could listen to ANY BOOK narrated by ANY PERSON, what book and narrator would that be?

Notes/Rules: OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. Each comment will be assigned an entry number. ONE winning entry will then be selected via random number generator. One entry per person. Please make sure to fill out a valid email address in the comment form. Email addresses are not collected for any purpose other than notifying the contest winner.

If you haven’t commented on the blog before, or you comment from a different IP address, the comments are moderated. So don’t worry if you don’t see your entry right away. I will approve it, then assign it an entry number.

Contest closes SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2016 at 8 p.m. PST.

<3  <3  <3


Dowser 2: sexy shifters

February 1, 2016


Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic (Dowser 2)

10 seconds of chicken TV

January 29, 2016

Testing video on the new camera … this time in natural, low exterior light. :)

An afternoon walk in January on the West Coast

January 28, 2016

Walking under mossy boughs, mud and tree roots tangle our feet along the edge of Duck Creek. Despite the roar of the run off, a breath of peace captivates our ever-teeming brains. Then it’s back to work …

Tasting: Akesson’s 75% Criollo Cocoa

January 27, 2016

Yes, Dowser series research is just so damn hard. Sigh.


Akesson’s award-winning Madagascar Ambolikapiky Plantation, 75% Criollo Cocoa. If you follow that link it’s the second bar down on the page.

This is a brand new bar for me. YAY! I purchased it during my New Year’s Eve rush through Xoxolat. Fearing they were going to close before I could get there, I called ahead of time to say I was only blocks away. Arriving 10 minutes before closing, I flew along the shelves snatching up old favourites as well as some new bars – astonishing an employee I’d never met, though the lovely owner didn’t batt an eyelash. I – of course and always – dented my visa hard and was out the door 8 minutes later.

Tasting notes

  • My thoughts: 1st taste – silky smooth, deep cocoa. Buttery. Lingering, pleasant aftertaste. 2nd taste – subtle tartness, very buttery, the cocoa coats the tongue and mouth.
  • According to the bar: expressive cocoa aroma with a subtle fruity-sweet tartness and pleasant flavour notes that evoke citrus and red berries.

Usually my sweet spot is 65% – 70% cocoa but there was no niggling bitterness or harshness to this 75%. I’m pretty sure this bar will be making an appearance in the Dowser Series.


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